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Voice: yo-ka
Birth date: 10/31

Guitar: Kei
Birth date: 02/07

Bass: Shouya
Birth date: 01/31

Drums: Tatsuya
Birth date: 3/28
In December 2010 yo-ka (Voice) and Kei (Guitar) formed the origin of DIAURA, which enhances the concept of freeing the "Dictorial Aura". From the very beginning DIAURA surrounded themselves with a unique aura of costumes and music, whereas the overall visuals had been especially attractive to their fans. On January 22nd 2011 DIAURA officially started their activities, selling their demo single "Shitsu Tsubasa no Seiiki" at venues only, and shortly after reached the ORICON Indies charts top 10 with their first single "Beautiful Creature".

On March 23rd, bassist Shouya joined the formation as an official members and all following CD releases sold out in no time. In May of the dame year DIAURA have been featured in the TV TOKYO Power Push artists of "V no Ryuugi" and had been featured for five weeks in the Pick UP section.

DIAURA's first mini-album "DICTATOR" had been released in August that year and the 1,000 copy strong first press edition SOLD OUT completely, just as their one man performance, held on August 30th at Shibuya BOXX.

Eventually drummer Yuu joined as the fourth member.

The record "Imperial 'CORE'", released the following November demanded an additional second press to the first of 1,000 copies, as it sold out and is currently available only in a second press version. Quickly a solo tour through five venues followed, whereas the final performance at the Tokyo live house "Rokumeikan" SOLD OUT and demanded an additional performance at Ikebukuro Black Hole, which sold out as well.

In the following year, DIAURA released their first full album "GENESIS" and held a SOLD OUT performance at Takadanobaba AREA on June 9th under the title "Reason for Treason".

On August 28th they will perform at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM

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